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In a recent article written for Business 2.0, Paul Kaihla writes about Seattle, Portland and Eugene all growing together to become a Northwest Megapolitan area he calls “Cascadia”. Here are some of his predictions for the future:

Vast quantities of cheap, prime greenfield surrounding Seattle, Portland, and Eugene give the Northwest megapolitan explosive growth potential. By 2030 the three metro regions will be intertwined.

KEY DEMOGRAPHIC SHIFT: The Asian population will more than triple; the number of seniors will double.
NEW GROWTH INDUSTRY: Seattle will become one of three global hubs for bioinformatics startups.
BEST BUSINESSES TO START: Architectural firms catering to green developers.
BEST RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE BET: $200,000 homes in small towns 30 minutes outside Portland, beyond the urban-growth boundary.
BEST COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE BET: Retail or office space around Snoqualmie Ridge, one of three “urban villages” in early development near Seattle.
GOVERNMENT CARROT: Oregon’s new property-rights law, which opens the door to more rural development.
IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE TO …: Speculate on Paul Allen’s Seattle redevelopment project, South Lake Union.

The entire article can be found online at: http://www.business2.com/b2/web/articles/0,17863,1122957,00.html

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