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AAA Properties Has Joined the Discounters

AAA Properties will now offer a full menu of real estate services to give sellers and buyers what they want. Our discount package for sellers includes a listing for only $595 and:

– Listing on the local multiple listing service
– Print advertising
– Advertising on multiple websites
– Digital photos
– Use of Lockbox
– Use of Open House and Yard Signs
– Advice on how to price your house or condo
– All the forms you’ll need

If you want us to show your home and do the paperwork, your listing fee will be only 1% of the sales price when your house sells. In either case, you are recommended to offer a selling commission of 3% to other brokers so that they will show your home and bring buyers.

If you are thinking of selling your home in the next 3-5 years, I believe NOW is the time to do it. Sell now why values are high and before the inventory is flooded.

Call AAA Properties at 425-455-LIST (5478) or 800-441-LIST (5478) or send an email to Sales@AAAProperties.net

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