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More on local homes priced under half a million dollars

I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated with homes priced under $500,000 – maybe it’s because there are so few of them, or quite possibly because those are homes that are still (possibly) in our price range.

This morning there was one more home in Bellevue listed for less than half a mil – at this point there are 33 total single family residences in Bellevue listed for less than the mid mil mark.

In Redmond there are only 40, Kirkland has 64, Issaqauh has 49, Sammamish has 15, and Woodinville has 29.

Bothell seems to have a large number – a whopping 245 SFRs priced lower.

Surprise, surprise there is not one single family home on Mercer Island listed for less than $500k.

As you probably know, I’m thinking these numbers are all going to increase in the coming months. Check back here to find out …

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