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Eating Clean: Milk-less August Going Well

As I sit and enjoy a tasty strawberry banana protein smoothie made in my trusty Vitamix blender, I realize that I have survived the first 12 days of August without drinking milk.  (I made this and all my smoothies this month with water as a base).  That may not mean a lot to some of you, but when I am drinking milk, I can easily drink a gallon a day – which is a lot of sugar (yes – even in the ‘non-fat’ kind).

The bottom line is that I’m still very much alive – and feeling real good.  I do miss the creamy-ness of the milk-based smoothies, but that is ok – I miss eating chocolate chip cookies too – but probably never will again …

The magic in eating clean is learning what it is like to eat good foods in a way that properly fuels your body – then you will rarely ever want to eat crappy food again because you will start to realize how lousy it makes you feel – not to mention the risks of many diet-related health problems.

Try eating clean for one month – I bet you don’t stop!

    Until next time, don’t diet, “Live It”!

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