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Fitbit Flex Review: What I Like About Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex Review Activity TrackerJoe Abs Fitbit Flex Review

Here is my initial Fitbit Flex review:  A couple of months ago, my wife and I attended a Fitbit Local event here in the San Diego area.  It was a really cool session on the beach in Solana Beach, one part yoga and one part bootcamp style exercise.  The Fitbit Local trainers were stellar.  The next day, I ‘borrowed’ my wife’s Fitbit Flex activity tracker to see what Fitbit is all about.  She’s pregnant and isn’t using it anyway, but I think she was a little bummed that I took it over.
It was super easy to create a Fitbit account online and then download the Fitbit app for my iPhone.  There are options to log your exercise, your water intake and what you eat.  I didn’t bother logging my exercises, as I figured I was wearing the Fitbit Flex Review to track my activity.  For the first week, I did log my water intake and what I ate.  I found that logging food and drink was too time consuming to do on an ongoing basis, but that it was very beneficial to take the time to do it for that first week.  A couple of things I learned 1) I drink plenty of water each and every day.  I pretty much knew this already, as I had worked hard to create the healthy habit of drinking lots and lots of water to stay hydrated.  2) I started learning that some of the ‘healthy’ foods I’ve been eating for years have more (or less) calories than I thought.
If you have the time and desire to log everything you eat and drink, it can be super beneficial – but for me I think I’ve found that the amount of time and effort it takes is not worth the benefit.  If you are trying to lose weight with a great diet or prepare for a competition, it may be better that you log your intakes daily.
After the first week, I started wanting some social interaction with the Fitbit Community.  I made Fitbit Friends with some of my Facebook friends after making a post looking for other Fitbit wearers.  I also checked out the Fitbit communities on their website and gained some more friends there.  I even joined a local San Diego group – and one for men over 50.  I’ve been invited to participate in a couple of challenges – where people invite their Fitbit friends to compete to get the most steps registered in a day, workweek or weekend.  I’m super competitive and so far have done whatever it takes to win the various challenges – BUT when I look at my stats compared to the top tier in the men over 50 group, I’m usually ranked no higher than 40 or 50.  Some of those guys are Badass!
Although I definitely do like wearing the Fitbit Flex Review  and keeping track of my physical activity, the Fitbit Flex does have some limitations.  Unlike some other Fitbit products, the Fitbit Flex does not keep track of heart rate.  I’m also not the only user who questions the accuracy of the Fitbit Flex Review ‘s step count.  I presume many users have also experienced times where the Fitbit Flex fails to count activity or steps – which can be extremely painful when you are in the middle of a friendly competition …
After first wearing the Fitbit Flex for a week, I really wanted to join the Fitbit affiliate program that they have on their website.  They run their affiliate program through Share a Sale, where I already have an account.  The problem with the Fitbit affiliate program is that it is not searchable and according to the folks at Share a Sale, nobody can actually join the Fitbit program unless they are found and invited by the people at Fitbit …  At this point, this means that I am still not a Fitbit affiliate and am looking to review and share other wearable fitness trackers.
I’m really happy that I wrote this Fitbit Flex review and plan to review other Fitbit fitness trackers and wearables from other companies too.  Do you have a wearable fitness tracker or other fitness device that you would like to have reviewed?  Just contact Joe Abs.

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