QAnon Fun and The Great Awakening

Truth and Justice for All! #WWG1WGA #WWG1WGAWW #LetsGoBrandon #UltraMAGA

5:45 AM – Shakeology w 16 oz H2O
10 AM – 32 oz H2O, handful of cashews (unfortunately salted – one of my vices), small handful of dried cranberries, handful of almonds with vinegar and seasalt
1PM – 2 HB eggs, preworkout drink w 16oz H2O
1:15 PM Workout.  Monday Legs Day. 64 oz H2O
3:45 PM – ~ 6oz grilled carne asada, 1 oz cheese and green drink (spinach, celery, cucumber and H2O)
8:30 PM – .7 LB grilled lean ground sirloin, 2 oz cheeze, green drink
9PM – 2 handfuls almonds w vinegar and seasalt, 2 handfuls dried cranberries

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