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WhyteSpyder Opens Production Studio for Mass Content

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Fayetteville, Arkansas – based WhyteSpyder announced today the launch of a new content production studio which will expand and accelerate creation of photography, video and written content for products online. The studio satisfies accelerating demands from retailers and manufacturers for high volume content production that is efficient, scalable and affordable through optimized processes and technology.

“The studio is specifically designed for high input, high output volume of items with quick turnaround for retailers and manufacturers with hundreds and thousands of items,” said Eric Howerton, Chief Executive Officer at WhyteSpyder.

 “The type of content produced at the studio is production-level content, which includes basic product attributes, descriptions and images for shoppers to transact online. This is unique compared to our typical performance-level content, which produces high quality, enhanced content to increase online shopper traffic and conversions.”

WhyteSpyder’s proprietary IP software monitors and analyzes product inventory as items enter the studio. The IP software acts as an organizational framework for the studio, ensuring quality and accuracy by tracking where each item is in the system, performing quality assurance, and helping improve the procurement and return processes for items.

Content production at the studio is adaptable and fluid, empowering WhyteSpyder to have a high turnaround for meeting requirements and deadlines. Recently, WhyteSpyder completed over 5300 items in 60 business days for a major retailer, at one time producing 1600 items in 10 business days.

“The key to the success of the studio is the IP software we created,” Alex Ahmad said, Chief Operating Officer at WhyteSpyder. “The software is designed to continuously increase scale, so we will continue to accelerate more items per week.”

The studio incorporates photography/video stations, content writers/editors and quality assurance teams. Once an item is received, it is scanned and processed, logged into the inventory system, where it will transition through photographers, writers and editors in an assembly line format. Each product is photographed with multiple angles, given key attributes and a compelling written description that tells an item story.

“The quality of content the studio produces is excellent for getting a large amount of items setup and compliant online, providing the basic framework for our performance-based content creation process,” said Joyce Grippi, VP of Operations at WhyteSpyder. “It’s a way to get basic content created and published on the retailer site so that the shopper is able to transact online. Once all items are compliant, retailers and manufacturers can then leverage our performance content creation services for top-selling or highly competitive items to increase sales.”

“We will continue to improve our content production studio with technology and efficient processes to solve mass market, item-level content needs from retailers and suppliers,” Ahmad said. “The possibilities of scale and efficiency at the studio are endless.”

ABOUT WhyteSpyder:

WhyteSpyder helps retailers and retail suppliers set up, manage, and optimize product data and content on Walmart.com, Samsclub.com, and other e-commerce platforms. We use any distribution technology accepted by retailers that is beneficial for manufacturers and their agencies.

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