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In an effort to expand the effectiveness of my workouts, nutrition and quest for optimal health – and a desire to increase the speed of which I get back to what I consider to be “fit” in my Fit to Fat to Fit old guy version ( #Fit2Fat2FitOldGuyVersion ), I am going to once again start documenting my workouts.  It is my intention to do this daily.  I will do this daily, because I am worth it.  My health is worth it.  And just as importantly, the people that I help through this process and my blogging, vlogging and other writing, are worth it.

Documenting My Fitness Process Joe Abs

I am interested in how this documenting process will affect my outcomes.  I already know what happens when I don’t document it.  I already know what happens when I don’t really have a plan.  Fortunately, I am (at times) an extremely self-motivated and disciplined individual, but unfortunately, easily get bored and that can lead to being unmotivated and undisciplined.  I believe that documenting what I am doing will help me come up with a better plan, stick to it and achieve better results.

Documenting my workouts is a necessary part of my next level performance and results and I am looking forward to doing this each and every day.  It will also help me exercise my writing muscles and get me writing more each day, which will greatly help me achieve some of my other personal and professional goals.

I’m not sure if reading about my daily workouts will be of interest to anyone else, but I will post it regardless – so I can go back and review if/when I need to.  The photos that I post will also be for my own benefit, but ‘out there’ for the world to see.  If you happen to take any of your valuable time to read or look at any of this content, I would love to hear your comments and feedback.

I’m also extremely interested in learning about other people who write down their workouts, goals, achievements, plans, dreams and desires.  What kind of benefits do you see from documenting your processes?  What kind of tools do you use to document your processes?  (Links are greatly appreciated)

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