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Be Obsessed About Your Business Like Madam CJ Walker

Hey there,  Are you enjoying a lot of your Netflix time lately?  I don’t usually watch a lot of movies but I was very interested when I came across the Netflix series called “Self Made”.   

It’s about the life of America’s first empire-building, barrier-breaking, self made female millionaire, Madam C.J. Walker.

You have to watch it!  A million dollars now is not much but back in the 1919 was probably like being a billionaire. 

The movie reminded me that we have to keep sharing our story. That’s how she was able to sell her hair care products. Not only sell her hair care products but to get other people to invest in a factory and support her cause. She started a movement and tied in what people really want with the results her products could give her people.  I always say… “Fact’s Tell, But Stories Sell!” 

She reminded me about how obsessed I am about being an online entrepreneur! When you can become so good at telling your story…. Become good at selling you will never go hungry.  

This is the time to set yourself up to win. Leverage the tools on the internet to reach more people. Tell your story through VIDEO and create your YouTube Channel Today! 

Did you see the quick loom video I sent yesterday? If not, Watch it here 

Just a couple of tips on getting your YouTube banner up. 

If you would like me to just do it for you. I am giving away for the next 4 people a screaming deal. 50% off just use the code: youtube50 

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Also, If you are completely new and want to do a live session on zoom with me where I will setup your channel from start to finish and i’ll even design a custom YouTube banner for the next 10 people who sign up for YouTube for beginners. 

Sign Up Here Today and I will get your banners done this week and next week we will all jump on zoom together and get you all started with a plan of action to film your next 30 days and beyond. 

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Much Love & Aloha, 

Stacia Kennedy

P.S. Another Millionaire mentor of mine has his Traffic Secrets Book on pre-order. Grab it now while it is free + shipping. I’ll be doing a review on it inside of my free group soon. 

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