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Live from Newsomeville April 1, 2020 – AVEDA Challenge

Today is April 1st, 2020. For the past few weeks, it feels like someone has been playing a horrible, horrible, nightmarish joke on us. I don’t think that I even have room in my brain to come up with an April Fool’s story.

The best I could muster was this rambling video of me reporting from Newsomeville, California for the first day of AVEDA – which stands for A Video Every Day of April. The AVEDA 30 Day Video Challenge was conceptualized by my wife, Stacia Kennedy who teaches social media tools and tactics and swears by video marketing.

Her birthday is in April and she loves to make videos, so she thought she would challenge others to make a video every day in her birthday month. If you would like to join in and play along, it could be very fun. Just make sure to mention and/or tag AVEDA, 30 Day Video Challenge, Stacia Kennedy and/or Happy Birthday Stacia!

She doesn’t read my blog or watch my videos, but if you are going to participate in the challenge, leave me a note in the comments – or contact Joe Kennedy.

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