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Stacia Loo International Marketing Receives Rave Reviews!

Stacia Kennedy, CEO of Stacia Loo International
Stacia Kennedy, CEO of Stacia Loo International

Stacia Kennedy is CEO of Stacia Loo International and her clients have been raving about her!

I’m so proud of my wife – even during this world wide Covid-19 pandemic, she is as busy as ever helping her clients stand out from their competition. Although most of her experience over the past 15+ years has been in the world of real estate, she has been branching out and helping people and companies across the globe and in different industries, including coaching, entertainment, a sports academy, education, start-ups and women empowerment.

Here are just some of the kind things that Stacia Kennedy’s clients have said about Stacia and her team:

“Stacia Kennedy and her amazing team at Stacia Loo International helped design and implement a product launch for me that sold out and created more than 150% of our launch goal. This launch generated over $20k for me in a time of record unemployment and uncertainty. Stacia helped write the program, created all the graphics and social media posts and generated the excitement we needed to succeed!” PB

“Stacia Kennedy’s marketing coaching has helped make my online business profitable. Before Stacia started coaching me, I was lost and overwhelmed, not sure of where to start. Stacia keeps things simple, breaking down the necessary steps and ideas in a way that is easy to understand and implement. She has clearly “walked the walk” and practices what she preaches.” AL

“Stacia Kennedy has been the Community Manager for my super successful Facebook Group almost since the beginning. Once Stacia took over, the group has grown exponentially with A LOT more engagement. I know that it is super important to have this engagement and it has made my Facebook Group the main core of my marketing plan.” HD

“Stacia and her team are always on the ball. I can always count on them to quickly create all the graphics and fliers my team and I need to market our business and events. Their creativity and turn around is amazing – and I’m always glad to refer them to my friends.” LP

“Before we hired Stacia to work with us, our program was very complicated, hard to explain and difficult to sell. Stacia has helped simplify our marketing, cleaned up our sales funnels and created processes that will allow us to grow as the economy gets back on track. Her expertise and experience in real estate and video marketing has been pricelessly valuable to our company.” FB

“Stacia and her team at Stacia Loo International have pushed me beyond my comfort zone – and then some. Her persistence and belief in video marketing has got me actually creating my own videos – and she no longer even has to push me to do them. Because of Stacia and her advice, me and my business are constantly being exposed to new audiences and receiving hot leads.” MN

“Stacia’s sales funnels have been a huge difference maker for my business. I used to think that internet marketing was all about having a website and a presence on social media. It took awhile, but she finally got through to me that successful digital marketing is about automation, sales funnels and building an email list.” TV

“Stacia Kennedy’s years of experience in digital marketing are a super valuable asset to my team. She uses so many tools that help her clients become successful that it can be a little overwhelming. She knows that most businesses really NEED to be using video marketing, Facebook groups, chat bots, automated emails, sales funnels, SEO tricks and systems. I’m already too busy trying to run my company – I’m so happy I’ve hired Stacia Kennedy and her team to take care of it all!” RM

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