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Is QAnon Really a “Far Right Wing Conspiracy Theory”?

More than one of my close friends call me a Conspiracy Theorist, so I guess that it is fitting that I’ve spent some time during the Global Plandemic learning about QAnon. If you search for or just happen upon one of the many YouTube channels covering the Q phenomenon, you will be greeted with the “context” label that says: “QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory detailing a supposed secret plot by an alleged “deep state” against U.S. President Donald Trump and his supporters.”

It’s of interest to note that the Wikipedia page for QAnon references the opinion of the fake news Amazon Washington Post – which is just part of the main stream media with an obvious agenda against President Trump, his supporters and all we stand for. You should also note that many of the main social media sites YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, have been censoring or shadow banning much of the content around QAnon. Many Anons have begun using other platforms like BitChute and Parler.

If you are interested in reading posts and updates from “Q”, you can find them on many sites, including QAnon.pub. There are many “Anons” or Patriots out there who “decode” Q posts on YouTube videos and blogs. A couple of my favorite related QAnon channels are from Praying Medic and On the Fringe with Dan Radio Style.

I have to admit that once one gets started researching Q and QAnon, it’s easy to get lost down the rabbit hole – but it is super interesting and very entertaining. At times it can also be like reading the news – before it actually happens …

At this point I do have to say that I do support our President – and that I have become a follower of Q and now consider myself an Anon. I guess that does make me a “conspiracy theorist”. We consider our mission TRUTH and uncovering evil and our motto is Where We Go One, We Go All. We use the hashtags #WWG1WGA and #WWG1WGAWW (Where We Go One, We Go All World Wide).

There are a growing number of Anons or Patriots in the US and around the world and are mostly supportive and inclusive. I will write more later about who Q is, the Q posts and more.

Do you know about and/or follow Q? Your thoughts?

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