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Can Snopes Be Trusted Qanon.fun

Is Snopes a Reliable Fact Checker?

These days it seems like anyone who disagrees with someone online or wants to cancel them for their point of view, will simply fire off a link to a ‘fact checking‘ by Snopes. At first glance, one might think that Snopes is some type of official governmental organization in place to have real truthful fact checking on the Internet. But …

In reality, Snopes’ ‘fact checking‘ has proven time and time again to be false and have an extremely left-leaning agenda. There is a meme going around saying that Snopes started out as David Mikkelson and his (now ex) wife Barbara, until 2015 when he divorced her and embezzled $98,000 of Snopes money and spent it on prostitutes. The meme continues on to say about Mikkelson “Now he’s married to this former hooker, who he hired as a Snopes staff member. So to recap, SNOPES is that guy, his ex and a 1990s hooker (and maybe a cat).

Of course the Wikipedia sites for Snopes and David Mikkleson tell a different story – but just like ‘fact checking‘ Snopes, wikipedia is known for deceit and deception. One thing that it does mention that is sort of interesting is that Snopes used to be the ‘official fact checker’ for Facebook.

Not sure about back then, but these days the ‘fact checkers’ at Facebook are as wrong as much as they are right – and just as biased as Snopes.

You Cannot Trust Snopes Qanon.fun

On the Snopes website, they list David Mikkleson and 14 other editorial staff members and 6 people who work in operations. Neither of Mikkleson’s wives appears to be listed. That’s a pretty big staff for a company that get it’s income from advertising and donations from the general public – unless they are taking large donations with the understanding that they will slant their content much like MSM has done since Donald Trump became President.

Neither Snopes, David Mikkleson or Donald Trump showed up on the flight list to Orgy Island, but here is an almost complete list of people who flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express to Pedo Island.

Nope on Snopes Fact Checking Qanon.fun

If Snopes really has this many people working for them, it appears that they have grown quite a bit – although the Wikipedia article says that David Mikkleson still runs the site out of his home in Tacoma, Washington.

Do you have any experience using Snopes – or having Snopes used against you? Do you see Snopes as a reliable fact checking organization?

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