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Presidential Election 2020 Poll QAnon.fun

New Poll Shows President Trump with HUGE Lead Over Collapsing Biden Campaign

Most Recent Poll Shows Kanye West’s Write in Campaign
Far Ahead of Fading Joe Biden

Apparently freedom loving Americans are sick and tired of watching cities in democratic-run states burn to the ground. Americans will not continue to allow blue state governors and mayors to permit lawlessness, violence and mayhem with no regard to public safety. Real Americans have grown weary of hypocritical government and media telling them to keep their schools and businesses shut down. Because most Americans love America and the great freedoms and opportunity it provides, American citizens plan to vote out all Democrats in November.

A recent poll shows that former democratic voters in the US are leaving the party in droves – refusing to support a party who instigates and supports lawlessness and crime in the cities in which they live. Many of these now former democrat voters are realizing that the DNC (Democratic National Committee) is lying to them once again – remember in 2016 when the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Dem Party nomination and handed it to Hillary Clinton?

The most recent poll of voters clearly shows President Donald J. Trump far ahead of Joe Biden – or whoever the DNC is actually going to put in his place getting 81% of the vote, with Joe Biden managing a measly 8% and late comer Kanye West and his write-in campaign tallying a surprising 11%.

Republican voters are grateful for finally seeing an accurate poll – but caution that EVERYONE needs to get out and vote in November. The RNC is asking for all registered voters who are actually alive to get out and vote Republican across the board in November. While the Republicans do not endorsed dead people or non-citizens voting, ballot harvesting or mass mail in voting that is encouraged by the Democrats, they are warned to be vigilant and report ANY questionable voting practices to the Department of Justice.

The Amazing Poll Numbers:

According to this most recent QAnon.fun poll taken this past week from a cross section of over 1,000 registered voters across America, President Donald Trump will win re-election in November by a landslide victory.

The most amazing part of this poll is that it shows Trump leading BIG in virtually every category of voter – including women, blacks, asians, hispanics, and immigrants. The only categories Trump trails in are dead voters, illegal voters, welfare voters and of course transgendered voters – who almost all say they are voting for Big Mike Obama.

Vote Trump 2020 QAnon.fun

Remember to make sure you are registered to vote in November and make sure you vote for Republicans so we can Take Back America and return to law, order and civility. Our freedoms are at stake.

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