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Were Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Really Involved in PizzaGate?

Barry Obama's PizzaGate is not going away. Does he like'hotdogs' better?

Around mid-November 2016, during the presidential cycle of the United States of America, WikiLeaks published personal emails of Hillary Clinton’s Campaigning manager John Podesta, which was hacked in a phishing attack in March 2016. As per the reports by New York Times, amongst the leaked messages, there was a message between James Alefantis and Podesta, the D.C pizzeria Comet Ping Pong’s owner. The main discussion of the message was James was planning to possibly host a fundraiser for Clinton.

The speculations about the links between the democratic party and Comet Ping Pong as there is a allegedly vile connection between Clinton and Podesta that the Pizzeria is the national headquarters of a world-wide child trafficking ring, lead by the same duo, according to the BBC.

PizzaGate Timeline Obama Clinton Podesta Alefantis QAnon.fun
PizzaGate Timeline includes Obama Clinton Podesta Alefantis

Adding to the PizzaGate conspiracy, former US President Barack ‘Renegade’ Obama, while still in office, reportedly spent $65,000 of taxpayer money to fly in pizza and hotdogs from Chicago. Those must have been some expensive pies and dogs – or were they? It is commonly know that “pizza” is pedophile code for girl and in the paedophile language “hotdog” is boy. The question is – did Obama really hold a pizza and hotdog party at the White House for his supporters?

The involvement of the Nation of Turkey in the spread of the news

A pro-government outlet of Turkey, around mid-November started tweeting about the conspiracy theory using the hashtag Pizzagate. According to the Daily Dot, the supporters of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan were deliberately trying to cite the opponents of hypocrisy. The foundation of the Turkish Government was demolished due to a scandal revolving around actual child abuse, hence the supporters of the President with asking the public, why weren’t they not outraged by the heinous activities over the Pizzagate. And, this was a deliberate attempt, meant to create a distraction and nothing more than that.

PizzaGate These people are sick!  Judge for yourself! QAnon.fun
PizzaGate – These people are sick! Judge for yourself.

The situation turned into a violent one

Finally, in December 2016, a civilian walked into the Comet Ping Pong with a rifle in his hand and pointed the gun at an employee. At the sight of the gun, the employee ran and immediately called the police, but the civilian did fire shots into a storage room that he believed was used to hide abused children, damaging the walls, floors, and computers. Fortunately, nobody was harmed. 

The shooting didn’t end the inflammation of the conspiracy from the Trump team

Soon after the traumatic incident in the Comet Ping Pong, the son of Trump’s former National Security Advisor, Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Michael Flynn, Jr., was found tweeting, regarding his support for the conspiracy theory. The tweet shared by Michael Flynn Jr indicated that the action of the civilian in the comet Ping Pong, as a “false flag’ and nothing else, which will now act as the leverage to push for the censorship of individual independent media, according to the Politico.

Investigate PizzaGate #LIttleLivesMatter

Now whether the Clinton’s actually abuses and/or even eat children or not is still a rising question amongst the believers of the conspiracy theory. It is a well known fact that former President Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton was a frequent flyer on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express to his private Pedophile Island.

Could there people children added to the Clinton Body Bag Count?

However, it is a belief that the lockdown induced boredom due to the pandemic, is one of the reasons why the conspiracy of 2016 is resurfacing and making the rounds of social media in 2020.

PizzaGate is not going away @Cernovich QAnon.fun
PizzaGate is not going away until there are criminal prosecutions

It is still debatable whether there is any truth to these allegations or not, but there is no smoke without any fire. And if such new is resurfacing again, then how long can the truth be covered and manipulated by the Deep State which is quickly losing it’s power?

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