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Vincent Fusca is John F. Kennedy Jr. QAnon.fun

Who is Vincent Fusca? Is Trump Super Fan Really John John?

Is Vincent Fusca really John F. Kennedy Jr.
returning to avenge the assassinations of his father
John F. Kennedy and uncle Senator Robert Kennedy?

There is a rising question about the death of JFK Jr., his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and his sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette, in the plane crash of July 16th, 1999. Many feel that John F. Kennedy Jr. is still alive and nothing would be surprising if it were true. In fact, it would be “Biblical”.

Here’s why? Is Vincent Fusca really John F. Kennedy Jr, ready to come back and get revenge for the assassinations of his father US President John F. Kennedy and his uncle Senator Robert F. Kennedy? And, this a short and quick attempt to review and decipher what seems the insane thoughts of the starry gleaming eyed devouring conspirators to the penetrative speculations of the individuals who are attempting to connecting the provocative dots. 

Vincent Fusca and 'friend' behind President Donald Trump at Youngstown, Ohio MAGA rally.
Vincent Fusca and ‘friend’ behind President Donald Trump at Youngstown, Ohio MAGA rally.

Some consider and believe that John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. is alive and in hiding for the past two decades, living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to some, he is also an avid Trump fan. John John and current US President were indeed very good friends for quite a long time. Could they have been planning this time in history for over 20 years?

Moreover, many in the QAnon movement, the rapidly growing group who supporters of President Trump believe that he will come out from his hiding and join Trump in his 2020 Presidential Re-election. Some go the extent to believe that the guy in Pittsburg, Vincent Fusca, is JFK Jr. living in disguise and hidden in plain sight. They have t-shirts with slogans that promote their belief of Vincent Fusca being JFK Jr. and one can buy the same t-shirts online, from Amazon.

Involvement of JFK Jr. with QAnon and how did it all begin?

In June 2018, the theory that JFK Jr. is alive and running the group QAnon was gradually making a space for itself and steadily rising. After an anonymous poster from the Q went dark. There was another anonymous poster from the Q, which started hinting that JFK Jr. may be alive and had faked his death to save himself from being targeted by the members who were plotting and were deep-state conspirators. The idea kept gaining momentum and the credit goes to Liz Crokin, who is a right-wing conspiracy theorist, indicated JFK Jr.’s role as Q, during an interview with vlogger Jenny Moonstone, in 2018.

Crokin also cited quotes and posts about former President John F Kennedy, to further proof that JFK Jr. was running the account. What added fire to the fuel was a quote which credited to JFK Jr. praisingTrump, which went viral as the supporters of qAnon spread it like wildfire on social media.

Involvement of Vincent Fusca and who he is

One can say that Fusca is a Trump Super Fan, and is frequently seen in his rallies and in the photos of Trump’s speeches, in the background. Some true believers of QAnon pointed out the frequent presence of Vincent Fusca in the rallies and speeches of Trump and that he is the real JFK Jr. alive, in flesh and disguise. And, to pass through the society, without gaining any attention he has altered his appearance through plastic surgeries and veneers. However, it will be great to consider there are no similarities between JFK Jr. and Vincent Fusca, about their appearances. And, because of this particular theory, Vincent Fusca has become a mega-celebrity and is seen posing with fans in photographs and adding fuel to the conspiracy theory that involves him, with his cryptic tweets that he posts.

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