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Q posted a link to a Fox News video about Facebook, YouTube and Twitter censoring a video from a bunch of doctors talking about the success that they have had in treating Covid-19 patients.

Less than a day later, YouTube has removed the Fox News video about the video in question.

Here’s part of the video with front line doctors talking about the great success that they’ve had in treating patients from all walks of life. This is the video that Big Tech and democrats do not want you to see:

This is the video that Democrats and Big Tech do not want you to see.

It’s a little strange that YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter think that they can get away with censoring Americans and attempting to silence conservative supporters of US President Donald Trump.

Prediction: This is not going to end well for them. As Q says in the next Q drop, Information Warfare. Tell Big Tech they are messing with Americans – and the US Military.

Real life experience: this website has already been removed from Google’s search results and they have already reduced the traffic to The Great Awakening and other Conspiracy Theories by over 90%.

It’s beyond time to tell Big Tech to take a hike – and start using and promoting other platforms and a better, fairer search engine. We helped build them up, now they are trying to take us down.

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