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American Traitors Nancy Pelosi Drunk at Work AGAIN

American Traitors: Nancy Pelosi Drunk at Work AGAIN

US House of Representatives Speaker of the House
Cannot Stay off the Sauce

Nancy Pelosi caught on tape, drunk and incoherently mumbling with her hate and anger – while at work! The lefts top representative in our US government is drunk at work AGAIN. If this happened with ANY other job and any other person in America, they would probably be fired (without pay) IMMEDIATELY.

Nancy Pelosi Drunk at Work AGAIN

It is obvious that she is ‘working’ because she is standing in front of a microphone – and in front of an American flag. We know that this American Traitor does not have an American flag in her home – or anywhere close to it.

Since Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, she is their top representative. Nancy Pelosi obviously has a drinking problem and has been caught drunk on the job many, many times. That means that the top Democrat in the land is a drunk – and their apparent Presidential nominee, Joe Biden the DNC Tool, is a senile, career politician, who accomplished virtually nothing but making his family rich in his 51 years in public service. Add to that the fact that Biden is under indictment for bribery in Ukraine and here in the US has told people that they are not black – you kind of have to wonder …

Who are the puppeteers behind these democrats – and why do they hate America so much that they install these type of people? Is it the CIA, the CCP, George Soros, the Rothchilds or the combined Deep State?

Why do they hate Donald Trump and Patriots so much that they are willing to burn down our great country? Could it be they know they are on the verge of losing all their power and that it is going back to the people?

Please make sure to share this video of Nancy Pelosi drunk at work again. It is important that Americans know exactly what kind of leaders the democrat party is pushing on us.

Thanks goes to an unnamed American Patriot for sending in this video that will soon be removed from Facebook. Of course the Facebook “fact checkers” have claimed the video to be fake, but consider the source of the fact checking and the article from the complicit MSM machine and the communist news network from the Clowns in America.

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