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DUMBS Deep Underground Military Bases QAnon.fun

What are DUMBS? Do Deep Underground Military Bases Exist Around the Globe?

The “conspiracy theory” of DUMBS or Deep Underground Military Bases, is pretty incredible. Most people have never even heard of DUMBS, and I suspect that even fewer believe that they are real. Even though there are many conflicting opinions on the existence of Deep Underground Military Bases, there seems to be a great deal of evidence that DUMBS do exist.

In our earlier post that included a list of DUMBS in the United States, we listed over 80 Deep Underground Military Bases that are said to be in existence in the USA. According to those who claim to know, some of these DUMBS are under control of the Deep State or Illuminati and some of these DUMBS are under “White Hat” (the good guys) control and many of these Deep Underground Military Bases have been being imploded and exploded.

DUMBS Deep Underground Military Bases QAnon.fun

There seem to be many people who believe that most of the DUMBS were built by the Illuminati, aka or now known as the Cabal or Deep State. Some think that the Deep Underground Military Bases were built and operated in cooperation with the American CIA (aka Clowns in America) and parts of the US Army. Apparently some even believe that they are joint operations with extra-terrestrial races and societies.

There are many different theories on the DUMBS and why they exist. Some think that they are mostly doomsday bunkers in case of a nuclear war or asteroid. Some reports have said that the Deep Underground Military Bases have been used for decades as underground railroads for human trafficking. Different reports say different things about different underground bases.

Some have said that DUMBS can go miles deep underground, some have said they’ve been in DUMBS that are at least 42 different floors. Some of these Deep Underground Military Bases are said to be completely self sufficient, with food supplies, lakes, ammunition and weapons, medications, etc. One person said that he was a former Illuminati who had actually stayed in a DUMBS in China that was much like a “7 Star” resort.

Could be that there are hundred of these Deep Underground Military Bases all around the world? Is it possible that they do exist? And that they are connected by a network of underground tunnels and highways? Wouldn’t that just blow your mind?

It’s still difficult to fathom that human trafficking, especially with kids, is such a big problem around the world. I cannot imagine a kid having to deal with being molested, sold or passed around. It would be horrible. If there are indeed DUMBS any where in the world and they are being used for human trafficking at all, I am totally in favor of blowing them all up after all the people are saved.

What do you think? Do DUMBS exist? Is the Deep State for real? What can we do about it? How do we #savethechildren ?

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