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Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden Kamala Smelled the Best

Kamala Harris Named Senile Joe Biden’s Running Mate, Kalama Harris Memes Lead


Kamala Harris Memes is the page to come to steal your best content for Joe Biden and his pick for running mate, Kamala Harris. Sleepy Creepy Quid Pro Joe was told by the DNC today that his pick for a running mate would be a woman who could not even muster 2% of the democratic vote and had to drop out of the race for President before the first primary.

Besides being black and female (apparently the only qualifications that mattered to the divisive Democratic National Party) definitely contributed to the DNC’s choice – but other possibly reasons include Kamala Harris Memes well known prowess on her knees (ask her former boss Willie Brown) or how nasty she was to both Sleepy Joe himself – and (then future) Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

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God Bless America!

OK – Kamala Harris, you win.

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