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Big Tech Censoring Americans JoeKennedy.biz

Big Tech Censors Americans: Time to End Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google

It’s a very sad time in America when it’s citizens are being censored about what they can believe and say. Freedom of speech is supposed to be one of our most protected values. Yet the powers that be at “Big Tech” companies like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google are all highly involved in the censoring Americans (and others) if their opinions and thoughts do not match up with their narrative of what you should be thinking and saying.

It is scary that more people are not calling this out – exposing this unprecedented censorship for what it is. It’s at least mostly just happening to conservatives and Republicans – those who support US President Donald J. Trump, but it should be concerning to ALL.

Big Tech Censoring Americans JoeKennedy.biz

After all, if you believe the narrative that they are feeding you and think that American life would be better under Joe Biden, your ‘opinion’ may be safe – for now. But if you want to change your opinion, and continue to voice it, you could be in for a world of hurt.

Over the past several months, Big Tech companies have been working to silence people who love America and support President Trump. Facebook has appointed “fact checkers” with obvious bias – and nowhere near the facts. Twitter has started even censoring @RealDonaldTrump ‘s account – scary that they even have the ability to do so. YouTube has been taking down accounts and videos that they don’t agree with, while leaving up many of those encouraging crime and violence.

Today I had a number of my own Twitter accounts suspended indefinitely. Some of these accounts were very active, a couple were very old, with over 10,000 followers. Most of them had nothing to do with my political beliefs at all. But I, like many other American conservatives, have been targeted.

You have to ask yourself, why? What it Twitter afraid of? What are Facebook, YouTube, and Google afraid of? I believe that they are all going down forever – I’ll never be using them again. In some small way, I helped build each and every one of these platforms – and they are using that against me and other people who love America.

I’m urging you to call out censorship here in America – and to boycott those platforms that censor any Americans.

Keep America FREE!

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