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Patriot Dr. Charlie Ward Thanks US President Donald Trump

New Video from Charlie Ward Thanks President Donald Trump

Dr. Charles Ward has become a YouTube sensation over a relatively short period of time and now has over 119k subscribers. Still he understands that he may soon be losing his platform due to the trend of Big Tech censoring conservatives and supporters of US President Donald Trump – so you can now subscribe to his content on his website at DrCharlieWard.co.uk

There are many, many things that I love about Charlie’s videos – he’s always positive, he does videos with all kinds of different people (some who seem very smart, and some who seem just plain crazy) and he just seems like a humble and very likable guy – oh yeah, and at 60 he also has a young son Justin who does the introductions to his videos.

Today Charlie came out with a video thanking President Trump for many of the positive actions he has taken for America and the world.

Patriot Charlie Ward Thanks President Trump

Please pass this video along to all the Trump Haters you know and see if you can get their reaction. I think Charlie’s method here is really great – stay positive and show the proof that President Trump is doing great things for America and the World.

Thank you for your video and all of your work Dr. Charlie Ward! I hope that we get to speak sometime in the near future!~

BTW – all of my Twitter accounts have been ‘suspended’ in the past 24 hours. Hey @jack hey @twitter FU – I won’t be back. You can no longer censor or silence me.

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