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Big Tech Censoring Americans QAnon.fun

Twitter Leading the Way in Censoring Americans

The Big Tech social media “micro blogging site” Twitter has continued to lead the way in censorship in America. Jack Dorsey and crew have apparently decided to declare war on free speech in America and are suspending and removing accounts that don’t go along with their Deep State agenda.

Big Tech Censors Americans: Time to End Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google

I personally have had at least 4 accounts suspended just today. While one account had been started in the past 60 days, most of the others had been online and active for several years – including my original account from 2007 when most people still did not know what a tweet was.

I’ve never posted any hate speech, do not post about race or color, and will not tolerate violence. It seems my only crime, in the eyes of Twitter, is that I support US President Donald Trump.

Instead of simply suspending my account, Twitter should have permanently deleted my account – because I will never be using the platform again. By I do reserve all of my rights to force Twitter and it’s executives to face all and any legal action that will make them pay for their censorship of me and any other Americans.

Shame on Twitter. You’ve lost your way and I hope you soon lose your entire platform.

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