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QAnon is The News, FOX is Deep State and Tim Tebow is a Man of God

It’s been apparent for a long time that FOX News is simply a right leaning MSM mouth piece for the Deep State, but they are really outing themselves lately. In the past couple of months, FOXNews.com has removed the ability for readers to comment on their articles – after all you should only know (and believe) whatever they decide to tell you – truth or fiction. FOX has become an only slightly right leaning main stream media platform that is only separated by CNN because of a few of their personalities.

The FOX News article this morning entitled “Tim Tebow embraced by QAnon followers after Instagram post” was followed by the subheadline “Conspiracy group co-opts Tebow’s anti-sex trafficking message to spread its baseless theories”. QAnon has been in the news A LOT lately – almost every time described as “a far right wing conspiracy theory” with baseless theories.

The Real Reason MSM is Screaming About QAnon

In the FOX article, they say that QAnon “co-opted” Tebows anti sex trafficking message and hashtag #SaveTheChildren “in recent weeks”. If the writer, Ryan Gaydos, knew anything about Q or QAnon – or did any research at all, he would know that human trafficking around the globe has been a major focus of Q and the QAnon movement for several years. It is also worth mentioning that the Trump Administration has also had a focus on human trafficking and has done more to stop it than any other administration in the history of the world.

Tim Tebow @timtebow Instagram post to help #SaveTheChildren

But of course, Gaydos is already told what to write about QAnon and he would not want to take up any of his precious time to do research and learn about what he writes about so he could present the TRUTH. That would make him like most followers of Q and the QAnon movement. And of course – we’re all wackos … Wackos who love truth, freedom, liberty, America, God and thinking for ourselves.

Tim Tebow is and has been a Man of God since his playing days at Florida. It is no surprise that he’s taking a stand against human trafficking and starting The Rescue Team. It would also be no surprise if Tebow is indeed a follower of Q and the QAnon movement – although it would be very surprising if he actually came out and showed support publicly.

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