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First 2020 US Presidential Debate Tonight: Will Joe Biden Even Show Up?

The first US Presidential debate prior to the 2020 election is scheduled for tonight at 6 PDT in Cleveland, Ohio. This first debate between American favorite and incumbent US President, Donald J. Trump and former US Vice President Joe Biden, will be moderated by Fox News’s Chris Wallace.

US President Donald Trump is heavily favored to make Joe Biden cry
– IF Biden is even allowed to show up.

According to Fox, 75% of their viewers intend on watching the show. Many people on the various social media platforms say they will be surprised if Sleepy Joe Biden will even show up. This could be the day that the DNC is forced to show their hand and show us what could be the last trick ever for the democrats. I have questioned for the entire campaign whether Joe Biden is really a viable candidate and his constant gaffes and frequent media “lids” have been proving my point. Just the other day, the former Senator and VP claimed to have been in the Senate for 180 years …. Not quite the guy you want leading your team …. Or country.

No Biden has not been making himself available to the media at all – outside of some softball interviews with CNN and fake news corrupt mainstream media. Biden’s team has in fact been putting “lids” on the media as early as 10:30 in the morning some days. Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden recently told CNN that talking about the former VP’s gaffes is “off limits” – of course with ZERO pushback. Biden’s “running mate”, Kamala Harris, the disgrace of California and the US Senate, ran off the stage after a recent speech, refusing to take questions from reporters.

The question is: What are the democrats trying to hide?

With the first US Presidential debate scheduled for tonight and the election just 35 days away, it looks like we’ll be finding out real soon ….

I sincerely hope that Chris Wallace actually has the balls to ask Biden about all the money that foreign governments lined up to give his son Hunter Biden while he was VP. But I’m really hoping that President Trump asks Joe Biden “where’s Hunter?”

Next up: In my next post, we will examine the THREE separate nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize that have been earned by US President Donald Trump – and why he will continue to press for World Peace while always putting America first.

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