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Twitter Censorship

No Place for Censorship in America, Conversations Don’t Always Have to Include Politics

Big Tech has continued their blatant censorship of Americans in advance of the 2020 US Presidential election. Twitter has “permanently suspended all of my accounts – even those I had not posted on in months. A couple of my accounts I’d had for over 10 years and had a decent amount of people I followed, as well as followed me.

I really believe that EVERY American who values free speech should be pissed off about this censorship and attempt to affect our free elections. Just because someone, anyone, has a different point of view, they should not be silenced. I believe that Big Tech will have to pay – and in a BIG way.

There is no place for censorship in America.

Oh yeah and by the way, in this video I also talk about having a couple of long, extended telephone conversations with friends where politics did not come up at all. Thinking back, it was probably a conscious effort on everybody’s part to avoid talking about many (any?) of the current events that are on people’s minds – but it was really refreshing to be able to have a couple of fun discussions without someone getting mad and leaving pissed off.

Big Tech’s censorship of Hunter Biden report is a violation of free speech: FCC commissioner

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