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Real American Patriots: Santa Surfing and Beach Broadcast

Well Q has not been posting much lately – and not at all since posting a link to a YouTube video on December 8th entitled “We’re Not Going to Take It“.

Looking around social media, it is more than evident that many (err, most?) American Patriots have been censored by Big Tech across many social media channels. I have personally had ALL of my accounts censored and deleted at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more … Goes to show that Big Tech really does blow – and to me it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Big Tech and the Deep State are corrupt to the core.

It’s not cool messing around with our Freedom of Speech. I am predicting here and now that Big Tech will soon be paying the piper.

Even though Big Tech and the main stream media have been colluding together to silence conservatives and others who do not agree with their controlling narrative (including them saying that Hiding Joe Biden is the President Elect), there are many Patriots worldwide who have refused to be continually censored.

One of these Patriots is Santa Surfing (in Hawaii) and her Beach Broadcasting. Even though she has been continually censored via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, she keeps up the good fight. She has had her Facebook and main Twitter accounts censored and then deleted. I’m pretty sure she mostly stays off of Facebook these days (like myself), but she has been able to create and maintain a different Twitter account. I wish I knew her tricks, because Jack and the dick heads at Twitter not only deleted my 3 main twitter accounts, they deleted all of my accounts – some with some real longevity and decent numbers. They all took a lot of time and effort to create and it sucks having them taken away. But I do believe Jack and the twits at Twitter will pay – and pay dearly.

The Beach Broadcast You Tube channel seems like it has been (mostly untouched), but I’m sure that Santa has worked to be very careful to keep the channel up. The Santa Surfing channel still has over 218,000 subscribers and over 300 videos.

When first listening to or watching Santa Surfing’s almost daily broadcasts, I thought she was totally crazy. Sometimes after listening to her nearly every day for the past 6 months or so, I still think so. But she is a true American Patriot, who loves our country and our President – and she usually has a super positive attitude and shares some really great information. She believes in Gesara or Trumpsara and is always helping to promote other Patriots – and seems well connected – constantly sharing “Intel” from her “Angel Anons”.

I really love Santa Surfing’s great energy and positive attitude. I hope that her predictions actually come true.

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