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Shifty Adam Schiff at Gay Pride Parade with Ed Buck

Has Shifty Adam Schiff Really Been Arrested?

There are A LOT of rumors flying around amongst “conspiracy theorists” that US Representative from California, Adam “Shifty” Schiff has been arrested for treason. There have actually been some “confirmation” that this has happened, but plenty of reports disputing this news.

Adam Schiff is particularly hated by Republicans, as he has been one of President Trump’s most vocal critics over the past 4+ years – and has continued to push the Russian collusion narrative. Schiff also helped lead the impeachment of President Trump and has made ZERO friends amongst the GOP.

Another interesting story circulating about US Representative Adam Schiff is that he is a pedophile and molested and killed a young boy at The Standard Hotel in Los Angeles, California. There seem to be many people who think that this incident is what Adam Schiff has been arrested for – and what he will ultimately be prosecuted for.

It is rumored that Adam Schiff does have an appetite for young boys and is well known for hanging out with Democratic donor Ed Buck, who has been arrested and charged in relation to the drug overdose deaths of at least two young black men.

Even as the evidence mounts against Hunter and Joe Biden for corruption and ties to the Chinese government, Adam Schiff continues to scream: “Russia, Russia, Russia”. Hopefully he’ll be screaming that at Gitmo in the near future.

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