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Nasty Nancy Pelosi for Treason

American Traitors: Nancy Pelosi MUST GO!

Poor little old lady Nancy Pelosi who has gotten rich from being a public servant doesn’t like the great US President Donald J. Trump. She hates him so much, she’s trying for another phony impeachment scam. She hates our country and it’s citizens so much that she is willing to spend valuable time in the House and Senate, not to mention millions of dollars, pursuing a scam impeachment inquiry that has ZERO chance of going any where ….

In reality, I think Nasty Nancy Pelosi is lashing out because she is scared about what is going to happen to her, after her laptop was ‘recovered’ by the US military during the activities at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. We all know that Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi is a nasty person who has been compromised and sold out our country and the American people.

Here is a comment from one of our valued readers, Mittie Rollins:

Nancy Pelosi broke the law why isn’t she in jail, she tore up the President speech on national TV and she threatened President Trump on Twitter which is a terroristic threat, why hasn’t she been impeach or arrest or both?

President Trump has 80 million followers, Joe Biden 24.5 million says Big Tech Twitter, which means Trump did win by a land slide & the proof is in the pudding, they all should be arrested – especially Biden. While in his basement, this is treason and they played the race card and none get to choose their skin, these are some sick people and have broke the law in our faces like it’s the norm, but let it a regular citizen and none should be arrested who stormed the capital the people own it and if their being arrested gor breaking the law then Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Mitchell and big tech etc…should all be arrested as well.

They are trying to steal this country and the election and the electors should also be arrested ASAP, along with the CIA it’s treason and conspiracy one man and the coming of the messiah in the rapture, their trying to bring forth the tribulation which happens after the rapture not before.

Thanks for your comment Mittie – I firmly believe that Nasty Nancy will indeed be arrested and put on trial in a military tribunal. Hopefully they have cells waiting for her and many of her cronies at The Spa, aka Gitanomo Bay Detention Center.

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