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Is JFK Jr. Still Alive – The Man with the Curly Hair?

Many QAnon followers are holding on to the hope that John F. Kennedy Jr. is still alive – and will be returning to be President Donald Trump’s next Vice President. Q has said that what is going to happen will be “Biblical”.

Maybe John John did fake his death to avoid being Clintonized – or assassinated like his father President John F. Kennedy and his uncle Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy? Perhaps he even had help from his good friend Donald Trump? Could it be?

There are many people who think that a guy living in Pittsburgh, PA named Vincent Fusca is really John F. Kennedy Jr. Some think that a certain bald secret service agent who is charged with protecting President Trump is JFK Jr. But others think a guy with curly hair who did a short video on Tic Toc is actually John John.

Watch the video above and decide. What do YOU think?

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