QAnon Fun and The Great Awakening

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Kid By the Side of the Road by Juan OSavin QAnon.fun

Juan O’Savin Gives Michael Jaco Updates on US Government Corruption, Election Fraud and the Future of USA

Juan O’Savin is an American Patriot who really seems like he knows what is going on – and certainly has a unique perspective and much good intel. Juan and Michael Jaco are both supporters of US President Donald Trump and want to help expose the corruption of the cabal and US government.

This is a very interesting conversation between Juan O’Savin and Michael Jaco, speaking about the near future of the great Republic of the United States of America.

BTW – have you real Juan O’Savin’s book “Kid By the Side of the Road“? What did you think? I just purchased it and cannot wait to read.

Also BTW – who has actually seen and met Juan O’Savin? Anyone have a photo of him?

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