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Phony Tony Fauci Bill Gates Husband and Barry Obama in Laboratory Creating Coronavirus

Enemy of the State: Dr. Anthony Fauci

Unless you are Bill Gates, Barry Obama or Dr. Judy Mikovitz, the chances are that you never heard of Dr. Anthony Fauci before March of 2020 and the announcement of Covid-19 and the resulting Whitehouse Coronavirus Task Force. Not sure why he was appointed to the Coronavirus Task Force, but I’m pretty sure President Trump regretted it very early on in the Plandemic. It wasn’t like he could tell him “You’re Fired!” like he wanted to – it wouldn’t have been a good look.

But Phony Tony has been in the news steadily since then. Not often in a good way. Dr. Anthony Fauci has caused many problems for himself by changing the ‘facts’, his stance on masks, etc.

Phony Tony Fauci Enemy of the State QAnon.fun
Phony Tony Fauci – Enemy of the State

Now that Joe Biden is supposedly President of the United States, Dr. Fauci is waffling even more. First, when the supposed VP Kamala Harris falsely claimed the Biden administration was starting from scratch with the vaccine roll out, Fauci correctly said that was not true. Millions of Americans had already been vaccinated by the time Biden was inaugurated. Hell, the vaccine would not have even been out or approved if it were not for President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

Now Dr. Falsi-Fauci is apparently siding with Kamala Harris (who for some reason has not moved into the VP’s official residence) and saying that Biden and his administration are starting from scratch. What a bunch of fricken BS! The lying Dr. Anthony Fauci is an enemy of the state, a traitor to the US and he and his business partner Bill Gates should end up in Gitmo.

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