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No Comments Allowed on Biden Whitehouse Covid19 Response Team Video

Why No Comments on Whitehouse Press Briefing on Covid-19 Response Team Videos?

Has anyone else noticed that since Joe Biden was inaugurated that comments are disabled on the videos from the White House, their “Covid-19 Response Team” and most any other federal government agency? You know who else denies you the right to comment on their videos and website? CNN – the Chinese News Network.

Here’s today’s video from the Covid-19 Response Team:

Notice that comments are disabled, so that American citizens are not even allowed to discuss the BS narrative agenda they are attempting to put out. Also notice that neither “President” Biden or Kamala Harris were anywhere to be seen (or heard).

Also notice that (at the time of posting) only 142 people gave it a thumbs up. while 2,800 people gave it a thumbs down. Americans are tired of being silenced and told what to think. There is no place for censorship in a free America.

Now, you are probably thinking about the videos for the Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Task Force. The Trump Administration handled it A LOT differently – allowing members of the media to be present at the briefings and asking questions. This continued even though many members of the main stream media were just downright nasty, mean and trying to cause problems.

Good News! Now you can Comment on CNN

See this Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing from April 10, 2020. You notice that President Trump had the balls and responsibility to be there and speak at length. You will also notice that the “medical expert” Dr. Phony Tony Fauci was also at this briefing – not wearing a mask nor social distancing. Dr. Fauci is definitely not an expert nor believable. Phony Tony has lost any and all credibility.

Trump allowed questions and comments – even the nasty ones. Biden does not. Why is that? Is that good for America?

I think not …. What say YOU?

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