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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Discusses Border Security

Texas Governor Abbott Further Exposes Border Crisis, Tells Biden to Do His Job to Protect Americans

After watching this video of Texas Governor Greg Abbott talk about what he has seen first hand on the Texas border, I am even more amazed at how much Joe Biden and his election stealing handlers really must hate America and American citizens. It is more than apparent that their open borders policy is causing HUGE problems that all Americans will be paying for a long time.

It is extremely horrible that the Biden administration will not even make sure that the US Border Patrol are able to be vaccinated against the Covid-19. Apparently they are making sure other, less vulnerable federal employees are vaccinated, but not the US Border Patrol, many of who are exposed to Covid positive illegal immigrants every single day.

Please watch this video and let me know what YOU think should be done.

Kudos to Governor Abbott, the US Border Patrol and ICE. Y’all are making me consider moving back to the great state of Texas!

Another thought, I’ve seen mention that the great actor Matthew McConaughey has been talking about running for Governor in Texas. Hey Matthew – how would you handle this border crisis? Do you think that Governor Abbott is doing a good job?

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