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DUMBS Making Machine US Air Force

MUST SEE: US Whistleblower Phil Schneider Exposes DUMBS, Aliens, NWO and Government Corruption – Before He Is Killed and Silenced Forever

It’s hard to believe that more people do not know who US Patriot Phil Schneider was, the US government secrets he exposed and that he was killed for doing so. DUMBS, aliens, underground battles, black budgets, as well as way too many government lies and so much corruption.

Watch the video below and see if it doesn’t freak you out. Sorry about that – something happened to the audio, but you can watch the Phil Schneider Whistleblower video here.

Phil Schneider was a self taught geologist and engineer who exposed many different US government secrets before he was killed in January 1996. He claimed that he was among workers in the US who were building a network of underground tunnels and military bases (DUMBS) a for a time side by side Large Grays (aliens) before the Alien-Human Battle of Dulce, New Mexico underground war in 1979.

Schneider also confirmed that the US had a treaty with the aliens in 1954, that they regularly kidnap children and harvest them for their Adrenochrome. Maybe this is why many politicians (and others) these days are not looking like themselves … perhaps they really are all aliens attempting to take over our planet with their New World Order? It could also explain all the crazy protests around the US, cancel culture and even the Covid-19 Plandemic. But if that was true, doesn’t it seem like they could at least make President Potato Head more life-like?

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