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Tim Ballard Operation Underground Railroad

Join the Fight Against Trafficking of Women and Children! Become an Abolitionist!

It’s extremely difficult to believe and tougher to think about, but trafficking of women and children is a HUGE problem around the world. Yes, thousands and thousands of our fellow human beings are being bought and sold – around the world and here in the United States. Many women and children are being trafficked for sex, some for slave labor and some even for child sacrifices. This must stop!

Fortunately, there is a GREAT organization called Operation Underground Railroad that helps rescue, rehabilitate and foster women and children trafficking victims around the world – including here in the US. OUR was founded by a great man named Tim Ballard who formerly worked for the US government combatting child trafficking around the world. Tim has found that he can make a far bigger difference around the world thru OUR.

I’ve recently become a support of OUR and as part of that, joined part of their movement as an Abolitionist. The good news is that YOU too can help with a monthly donation of as little as $5 a month.

I encourage EVERYONE to learn more about Operation Underground Railroad and their great work. Volunteers and contributors are needed and encouraged. I challenge all of our readers to become Abolitionists and help support OUR. You will be in good company. The thousands of OUR supporters include Tony and Sage Robbins, Mike Tomlin, Glen Beck, Derek Hough and many, many more people who stand against human slavery.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to learn more about the problem of human trafficking, and how you can support Operation Underground Railroad. OurRescue.org

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