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Is Joe Biden getting paid by the drug and human smuggling cartels?

Biden Border Crisis: Is Joe Biden Getting Paid by the Cartels?

There have been numerous news reports that the drug cartels have been making MILLIONS of dollars as a result of Joe Biden inviting illegal immigrants to “surge the border” during the contested and corrupt 2020 presidential campaign. Thousands and thousand of illegal immigrants have been allowed by the Harris-Biden Administration to illegally enter and stay in our formerly free country. Drug cartels and human smuggling organizations, with assistance from Joe Biden, the radical left and Harris-Biden Administration are having a devastating effect on America. WHY are they doing this to US?

Everyone around the world is having to wonder – what’s going on in America? Why is Joe Biden and the radical left allowing and in fact encouraging illegal immigrants to illegally enter our Country? Why are they knowingly inviting and allowing people from other countries to surge our borders during what is supposed to be a global pandemic? Why are they prohibiting the media from reporting on the Biden Border Crisis? Are they afraid of Americans actually seeing the crisis that they have created? Rhetorical question. The answer is obvious.

What are they hiding? Is this another feeble attempt to cover up their treasonous theft of the 2020 elections? Slowly, but surely election audits are starting to take place – and Joe Biden and the radical left know that they’ve been caught. The evidence is there and the TRUTH will come out!

The Harris-Biden are well aware of the humanitarian crisis they have created at our borders with their insane policies. They are literally stacking children on top of each other, because they cannot handle the vast numbers of people illegally entering our Country. There are hundreds of illegals with the Covid-19 being invited in and mixing with American citizens – the same American citizens who have been forced to be quarantined, not work, close down businesses and wear ineffective face coverings for over a year. Why would the rulers in the US allow this?

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The democratic rulers who have taken charge of our Country are treating illegal immigrants and human traffickers better than US citizens – or our military. They are giving law breaking illegal immigrants our money and putting thousands up in hotels and feeding them – all at US taxpayer expense. Why won’t they take care of Americans that are hurting instead of working very hard to make us hurt more.

Some of the other questions that come to mind are: WHY?

  • Is Joe Biden benefitting from these terrible policies? We know that his, but HOW?
  • Are Joe Biden’s policies helping him to keep our Country locked down and our economy stagnant?
  • Is Joe Biden being paid by the drug and people smuggling cartels?
  • Does Joe Biden like that our Country is once again being inundated with the scourge of illegal drugs flowing into our Country?
  • Will Joe Biden and his Administration be made to pay for the effects that these drugs will have on Americans?

Joe Biden and his family has made illegal and unethical personal financial gains from foreign actors in the past – why would we think that anything has changed?

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