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Plandemic Proof: Importing Covid-Bearing Illegals During the Pandemic

As an American, I am deeply offending by our current government and their “liberal” agenda and policies. We have been on “lock-down” or quarantine for the best part of a year, forced to wear worthless “face coverings” when we leave our homes. We were first told we needed to “slow the spread”, isolate and quarantine, then socially distance and generally entirely change the way we live our lives. In many cases, our freedoms have been infringed so much that we no longer have free choices.

For quite some time we were not allowed to go to beaches or parks or play games. We have not been able to go to concerts, movies or sporting events. Many of us were forced to quit our jobs, work from home and close our businesses. Our children have not been allowed to attend public schools. Our government and their hired “medical experts” are trying to guilt us into taking questionable vaccinations that we do not need.

But at the same time, many government officials were ignoring or even cheering on, often violent protests that tore apart cities across our great country for a great part of last summer. There was no social distancing. Many protestors refused to wear the required face coverings. But there is/was a “pandemic”. It was supposedly unsafe for people to go vote in person – which was obviously just an excuse for illegal mail in voting and election “reform” – the only way they could steal the 2020 election from a President who had re-made America, once again putting our Country first.

According to the government hired “medical experts” who are constantly changing their minds, contradicting themselves and wearing ridiculous double masks after supposedly being vaccinated themselves, we are still in a “Global Pandemic” and in grave danger.

2020 Election Results Smell Funny

Yet, the all-knowing “Biden-Harris Administration” has implemented extremely unpopular immigration policies under “executive order” allowing and encouraging illegal immigrants to surge our borders – causing a HUGE humanitarian and public safety CRISIS here is America. The Biden Border Crisis, created by Biden imploring people from other countries to surge our border, is indeed importing thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants into our Country without our consent – and against the wishes of the American people. Biden, Harris (also known as Flash Bang and Bob Marley) and the crazed left wing rulers of our Country are actually knowingly importing thousands of law breaking people infected with the “Covid-19 virus” into our Country and turning them loose into our communities.

We have to ask ourselves WHY? What is The TRUTH?

Does the Harris-Biden Administration hate our County and American citizens so much that they are trying to spread more infections and kill more Americans? Or has it been a huge scam with the goal of taking power and instituting “The Great Reset”?

It’s beyond time that we take our Country back. We need to demand accountability from those in power – those currently making, breaking and changing the rules without our consent. We need to turn off the fake news media that has proven on a daily basis that it cannot be trusted. We need to turn off and de-power the self-proclaimed and censoring “Big Tech” social media companies that are infringing on our freedom of speech daily.

Americans need to stop listening to all the noise, lies, and distractions being put on us. We need to stand up, think for ourselves and take back our God given freedoms that so many have fought and died for.

We need to ask WHY?!? Something stinks – and it’s definitely the way that our Country is being run.

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