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US President Donald Trump is Back

US President Donald Trump is Back! See the Video Interview Banned by Facebook!

Note from Joe Conspiracy Theory: Sadly, but predictably, since posting this video in this post, the all-knowing Google and their censoring YouTube has banned the Lara Trump interview of US President Donald Trump and deleted the account which uploaded it. This sense-less censorship has to stop! There is no place for censorship in a free America or a free world. We need to take a stand. I’m calling on everyone to delete their censoring social media accounts this Easter weekend. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube must go! Our freedom – and our lives depend on it.

In the meantime, you can watch this video of Lara Trump interviewing US President Trump at QAnon.fun.

This is a really good interview of US President Donald Trump by his daughter-in-law Lara Trump. It’s such a good interview that is has been banned by the Facebook platform that insists on censoring Americans and our free speech. Please download and share this video before Google and their YouTube start pulling their censoring tricks.

I have a feeling that there will soon be another free speech social media platform to replace this censorship – and that we will soon once again be seeing US President Donald Trump A LOT more. Our Country sure misses him.

President Trump and Mike Lindell are both diligently working away on creating social platforms for free speech, but in the meantime, please visit and subscribe to President and Melania Trump’s new website at 45Office.com.

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