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US President Donald Trump is Back! See the Video Interview Banned by Facebook – and Now YouTube!

Note from “17” – this article was originally posted on the Conspiracy site at JoeKennedy.biz, but after many, many views and great interest, YouTube did take down the Lara Trump Interview with President Trump video and cancel the account that had uploaded it. This type of censoring BS has to stop! We have to ask ourselves – why are they doing this? What is next? How far do we let it go?

The first thing we can and should do is to stop participating in any type of social media which insists on censoring ANYONE – especially freedom loving Americans. We need to do this NOW – and make sure to let everyone know that we’re quitting the Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams and YouTube who think that they have dominion (see how I did that) over the way that we think.

The Lara Trump Interview of President Trump video which has been banned and taken down by both Facebook and then YouTube (yes, ‘big tech’ is conspiring against Americans), can be found on Lara Trump’s site The Right View, or where it was uploaded to Rumble, but you can watch it below:

The Lara Trump Interview of US President Donald Trump Which Has Been Deleted and Banned By Facebook and YouTube.

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