QAnon Fun and The Great Awakening

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Rumble PIR Patriot Intel Report QAnon.fun

Favorite Rumble Channels? Fave Free Speech Sites and Platforms? Please Post Your Links Here

Since the big purge of conservative social media accounts, it’s been real easy to stay away from much of the controlling and censoring social media. YouTube has effectively silenced almost everyone with anything coherent and truthful to say. Lots of crap is continually cut up and reposted there, which is a real waste of time and extremely frustrating.

There do seem to be some decent channels on Rumble, but we haven’t spend a lot of time there yet. Do you have any favorite Rumble channels that you subscribe to and watch on a daily basis?

The Patriot Intel Report or PIR on Rumble seems to have some interesting information.

What about other social platforms? Do you use CloutHub, Parler, Telegram? Drop your links here.

BTW – who else is excited to see the platforms that President Trump and Mike Lindell are working on? Are they going to end of taking down “big tech”?

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