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Expose CNN - Trying to Help BLM

Is CNN’s Charlie Chester Looking for a Job Yet? Maybe He’d Fit In at Twitter or Facebook?

In the most amazing Project Veritas #ExposeCNN series, soon to be former technical director at CNN Charlie Chester confirms a lot of information that many, many Americans have known for years.

In the first video PV and it’s found James O’Keefe, Chester claims that CNN helped get President Trump out of office and that they relied on untrue “propaganda” to do so.

In Part 2 Chester admits that CNN is always telling people what to say – and that fear sells. He goes on to say that they were constantly wanting the Covid-19 death toll to go higher. He claims that fear is what keeps people tuned in. He also seems to admit that he has personal problems with what he is told to do, but that he “has a job”. He also repeats the MSM mantra: “if it bleeds, it leads ….”

In the Part 3 on the Expose CNN series, Chester said that CNN is trying to help Black Lives Matter, but that the narrative is being hurt by Asian hate crimes committed

Do you think that Charlie Chester maybe looking for a job real soon? Maybe he would fit right in with the anti-American, censoring scumbags at Twitter or Facebook?

It appears that many people online think that Chester should be afraid for his life, that he may be suicided by the corrupt cabal that does those sort of things. Remember Seth Rich? Vince Foster? Harrison Deal? Jeffrey Epstein? (well, there are many people who think that Jeffrey Epstein is still alive and singing like a bird at an undisclosed black site…) Just remember, fake news propaganda CNN’s Charlie Chester did not kill himself.

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