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Let Free Speech Reign: Frank Speech Debuts Under Attack w 48 Hour Live Marathon

Mike Lindell, aka “The My Pillow Guy” is an American Patriot who has been under serious attack for working to bring out the truth about the 2020 election fraud and the foreign interference by Dominion voting machines, the CCP and many others. Mike Lindell and My Pillow have both been sued by Dominion for over a BILLION dollars as a diversion for the fraud that Dominion and others have perpetuated against the American people.

Many of us who have suffered through the censorship of Big Brother (“big tech”, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google and others) have been looking forward to this day – the day when Mike Lindell’s new social media platform called Frank Speech was to debut. Apparently the site is already under heavy attack and they have not been able to allow people to get signed up as of yet.

So Mike Lindell and FrankSpeech.com have gone to Plan B: a 48 hour live marathon. Right now American Patriots Mike Lindell, Ted Nugent (with his wife?) and General Michael Flynn are all live on Frank Speech speaking The Truth.

They are talking about (voting) machines, vaccines, borders and Our Great Awakening. Get involved. Speak your voice.

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