QAnon Fun and The Great Awakening

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After A LOT of very hard work by many GREAT Americans, the Arizona audit of the 2020 election results is finally underway today. You can watch the many video cameras documenting the process at the site AZAudit.org.

This audit comes after many ballots from the 2020 election in Arizona were discovered shredded after being thrown in a dumpster by an (as of yet) unknown individual – and a mysterious fire broke out at the ranch of a Maricopa County Arizona election official, so we still do not know if they were able to dump and burn all of the evidence of voter fraud and election interference.

Apparently there will be around 2.1 million ballots from Maricopa County that will be re-examined and hand counted – The Arizona State Senate will use the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, former home of Phoenix Suns NBA basketball team. Thankfully the audit will also examine the voting machines used in Maricopa County, which should be very telling. It is said that this audit could take 2 full months to complete. Seems a little strange – kind of smells funny.

We can all tell that there are a lot of un-real events happening all around us and it’s particularly difficult to know what is true when the media is constantly lying and attempting to divide people. There has to be a reason they are doing this. What are they covering up for?

For instance, The Guardian is already continuing their baseless claims of President Trump lying and making his own baseless claims of voter fraud, government corruption and election interference. There is a growing amount of rock solid proof of wide spread voter fraud and foreign interference in the 2020 US elections.

Please watch the documovies Absolute Proof and Absolute Interference at LindellTV.com and comment below.

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