QAnon Fun and The Great Awakening

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Even after having spent many years helping to build up “big tech” and the social media platforms that have since deleted me (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google and even Pinterest), I’m still surprised when I see the concrete evidence of companies like Google censoring free thinking Americans. Or for that matter anyone. Yes, I said it. I don’t believe that anyone should be censored and that we have the God given right to free speech – and yes, it is supposed to be protected here in the US by our 1st amendment. But apparently that does not matter to our leaders any more – nor to many Americans who are being told what to think and do.

Since our corrupt government and bought and paid for, main stream ‘media’ has labeled QAnon as a “dangerous far right-wing conspiracy theory”, many Americans and people around the world, actually believe that. After all – they’ve been told to …

So going along with that thinking, I guess it is ok for these same people who do and think as they are told that this site, QAnon.fun and other free thinking sites are being blatantly censored by Google and their co-conspirators in their crimes against humanity. It’s NOT. It’s REALLY NOT ok!

I thought I’d show the above graphic to demonstrate how the “world’s largest search engine”, aka corrupt NWO tool, is blackballing this site. But it’s not just this site, it’s all my other sites – and thousands of other conservative sites and social media accounts too. Despite the fact that I was generating Google A LOT of money each month in advertising revenues, in their all-knowing power, tried to erase me and my sites. Thank God for Duck Duck Go!

By the way, have you heard of Mike Lindell’s new free speech platform called Frank Speech at FrankSpeech.com ?

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