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To Jab or Not to Jab - QAnon.fun

Want to Get the Jab? Watch This Video First – and then THINK!

Just got done watching a video interview with a Canadien Whistleblower Doctor talking about a number of his patients all suffering from severe neurological problems after getting the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. It’s crazy to think that over 3,000 previously healthy people have died within 48 hours of getting a Covid-19 vaccine, but when considering the many more thousands of deaths of vaccinated people weeks or months later are not attributed to the vaccine – is it really safe?

Why would a healthy person want to take the risks involved? I wouldn’t – especially considering the fact that politicians like the fake President Joe Biden and nasty Nancy Pelosi and their corrupt media co-conspirators are pushing it so hard. We know that they CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

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