QAnon Fun and The Great Awakening

Truth and Justice for All! #WWG1WGA #WWG1WGAWW #LetsGoBrandon #UltraMAGA

So far fake President Quid Pro Quo Joe Biden, head of the Biden Crime Family has managed to create plenty of crisis’ in his first few months in office. Killing American Energy Independence (leading to gas prices going through the roof), the Biden Border Crisis where they are continuing to allow smuggling of children and tons of killer drugs into the US, pushing the vaccines to get his cronies rich and poison Americans and paying Iran to instigate war in the Middle East.

Now that the scamdemic has been exposed and people are demanding government accountability, the fake President who was illegally selected to take down America is planning more devastation for the American people. They are actually planning a food shortage …

Apparently the fraudulent Harris-Biden Administration is forcing American farmers to destroy their crops – or face financial ruin … This is nothing less than Treason and Crime Against Humanity. Government corruption at its worst.

We simply cannot allow this to happen. Old slow Joe needs to answer some questions and be personally held accountable NOW. Contact your congress people and elected officials today and DEMAND some answers.

You want corruption in your government? You already have it …

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