QAnon Fun and The Great Awakening

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Fauci Lies People Die

il Donaldo Trumpo Takes On Dr. Falsie Fauci

If you haven’t been catching the very funny – and entertaining posts from il Donaldo Trumpo on Twitter, YouTube and Telegram (ok screw Twitter and YouTube), you’ve been missing out. Here’s il Donaldo calls out the “bullshito” coming out of treasonous Anthony Fauci’s mouth. How is this guy still able to walk the streets? His crimes against humanity are among the worst ever.

Dr. Anthony Fauci lying to the people of the world – again.

Fauci lies, people die. Is he doing it just for the money, is he being controlled by blackmail – or is he just an evil son of a bitch?

Things Are Looking Up – We The People Are Waking Up

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