QAnon Fun and The Great Awakening

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Mockingbird Mainstream Media - QAnon.fun

Here is the Mockingbird Mainstream Media Brainwashing Americans

Don’t think you are being brainwashed by the Mockingbird Mainstream Media? Think again.

Then watch this video – and thing AGAIN!

Isn’t it crazy how they all use the same exact words to promote their lying narrative? Who is telling them to do this?

These people are not newscasters, they are tools and puppets of those who want to crush America, our freedoms and the American people. We must wake up – and definitely turn off the tv and the “news” and quit listening to what we are being fed by these conspirators – as well as ‘big tech’ and social media. This is not ok – and needs to stop NOW!

What is the biggest problem caused by Joe Biden’s Border Crisis?

Please forward this to everyone you think can learn something from it.

By the way, thanks to Just a Dude on Telegram for sharing this important video.

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