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Arizona Forensic Audit of 2020 Election: Maricopa County Voters Need to Read This and Take Appropriate Action

The great team of people who are doing the full scale forensic audit of the 2020 election in Maricopa County Arizona has asked Phoenix resident, author and American Patriot Dave Hayes, aka Praying Medic, to post two separate items on his channels today. This is the first of the two:

If you did not vote in Maricopa County in the November 2020 general election, please share this message with your contacts on social media.

If you Did vote in Maricopa County in the November 2020 election, please take a few minutes and read these questions:

1) Did you vote in person at a Maricopa County voting center or precinct in the November 2020 election?

2) Were you given a provisional ballot that was later rejected?

3) Did you receive written notice stating why your provisional ballot was rejected?

4) Did you disagree with the reason given for the rejection of your ballot?

If your answer to ALL the above questions is YES, please call 1-833-742-4062. An audit representative would like to speak with you.

Message 1 of 2

The whole world is anxiously awaiting for the release of the Maricopa County audit report from the Arizona state Senate. Unfortunately, it looks like we may have to wait for another week or longer – but remember that good things come for those who wait.

It has been rather fun to see all the co-conspirators against our great Country – cincluding the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors left, rinos and bought and paid for MSM to be panicking and attempting to discredit this fully transparent and thorough audit. They are even calling it a “sham audit” – which is really describing the fake audits that have been done by those wanting to hide the truth across the Country.

The entire world knows that Trump Won – and many of us realize that many other elected officials were actually installed due to wide spread voting fraud.

We need Full Forensic Audits in all 50 states! #AuditAll50States

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